What Are the Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors with Alzheimer’s?

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Advantages of Music Therapy for Seniors with Alzheimer’s in Portland, ME

Engagement and self-expression are vital for seniors with neurological disorders. However, many seniors with Alzheimer’s find it challenging to stay actively engaged, especially as the disease progresses. Music therapy is an excellent way to enhance your aging loved one’s mood and boost his or her memory. Here are some of the benefits of music therapy for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

Leads to Socialization

Isolation is common among seniors with Alzheimer’s, and as their memory and cognitive skills decrease, they may refuse to go places due to embarrassment and fear. However, music is one of the best ways to boost socialization skills while reducing anxiety. Your loved one can listen to music with other family members after dinner as you encourage movement or sing-alongs in the comfort of his or her home. Singing stimulates unique memories, so this activity could boost your loved one’s confidence and make him or her less reluctant to engage with others.

Reduces Agitation

Aging adults may pace back and forth or suddenly become upset due to the impact Alzheimer’s is having on their emotional and mental health. If your loved one becomes agitated and restless, use music therapy as a calming technique. Merely hearing the music could relieve stress and create a calm environment for your parent. The sound of the tunes will relax the nervous system and provide your loved one with a sense of security.

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Boosts Cognitive Abilities

As Alzheimer’s progresses, the disease causes a noticeable reduction in memory, thinking, and cognitive skills. For example, your loved one may have difficulty remembering recently scheduled appointments, conversations, and familiar people or places. The ability to make sound decisions can also decrease, putting your loved one’s safety at risk. Music therapy awakens and strengthens many cognitive skills. For instance, playing an instrument could enhance executive functions that have decreased significantly and give your parent more confidence.

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Helps with the Expression of Emotions

Older adults with Alzheimer’s can lose their self-esteem as the disease progresses, leading to feelings of guilt, shame, and fear. Find ways to encourage your loved one’s self-expression, such as music therapy. Listening to music, singing, or playing an instrument could alleviate anxiety and provide a positive distraction. While your loved one focuses on the music, his or her creative instincts could take over, keeping him or her active and providing a healthy way to express emotions.

Triggers Happy Memories

Musical memories are often preserved even as Alzheimer’s progresses. Therefore, you should use your loved one’s favorite music as a way to trigger happy memories, especially if he or she is having an aggressive episode. Your parent may remember the words to a beloved song without assistance or connect the music to a cherished event from the past. Pay close attention to how your loved one responds to specific songs and musical activities and make note of the ones he or she enjoys most. 

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