Our Local Home Care Successes

At Align Home Care, we believe in providing superior service to our clients. We equip our amazing caregivers with the tools and support that they need through carefully written policies, procedures and well managed care management oversight. The reviews below are a reflection of a few clients who expressed their gratitude to Align Home Care and want others to find the care that they found for their loved one. We hope that by calling us, you will immediately feel our passion for in home care and practice what we preach. Your loved one has a life story that is important and respected. Align Home Care cares about the outcomes of those people who have given society wisdom and have lived wonderful lives. The care that we provide is personal and sensitive, we treat it as such.

“Align Home Care is like a kind family. They care about the clients and caregivers and listen to our needs. The Balanced Care Method™ is important because if we eat correctly and stay fit and well, we will be happier and can help our clients and ourselves better.”

— Sylvia B. – Caregiver

I `ighly recommend Align Home Care of Portland. Sue Arsenault and her team are extremely professional and strive for excellence in the care of your loved ones, leaving a wonderful peace of mind & comfort in allowing aging in place in the comfort of client’s own home.

— Theresa T. — Caregiver

I’ve never worked for such an amazing company before and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve never felt so appreciated by a company before for my work. The opportunities this company provides for its clients by allowing them to stay in the comfort of their own homes is such a rewarding feeling as an employee.

— Dakota B – Caregiver

I have previously worked with Ellen Strout, Client Care Manager for many years. She was not only a former colleague of mine but a mentor and a friend. Ellen is passionate, professional and a great listener.
Ellen is a great advocate, has an abundance of knowledge and experience. This truly makes a difference when you are looking for care of a loved one. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for in home senior care!

— Ashley M – Caregiver

My time working as a professional caregiver working for home care has made it possible for me to continue working with seniors at home, which I love, while having a positive work experience with home care as my employer.

— Jackie D – Caregiver

Align Home Care is a remarkable company to work for not only do they care about their clients but they care very much for their employees.I have worked at some agency’s before but this company beats them all when it comes to the ompassion of all.

— Anne R – Caregiver

I have had such a positive experience with Home Care and working for Sue. She has a very compassionate approach when it comes to the clients and her associates. You can tell she really cares it’s not just a business for her. She meets the needs of her clients as well as her staff. She always makes time to address any situation you may come across. I have and will continue to refer clients as well as anyone interested in working for a company that truly cares.

— Mini P – Caregiver

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with Align Home Care, they have really done a tremendous job, always there to help and great with communication.”

— Regina A. – Caregiver

“I absolutely love working with all the staff at Align Home Care. The owner really cares about her staff. The office staff is marvelous and extremely accommodating. I’m so happy I picked Align Home Care to work for!”

— Denise W. – Caregiver

“I’ve always appreciated the personal support when going through a struggle. Someone is always there to lend an ear. Even though the job can be lonely and not around a group of people, they help to make it not feel that way.”

— Lisa H. – Caregiver