Sue Arsenault

Sue Arsenault
Owner / General Manager

I have always had a genuine passion for people! I am especially grateful for the wisdom I have gained over the years from the elders in my life. They bring valuable insight and experience that they graciously pass down to the younger generations. To me, it is a privilege and blessing to serve them and their changing needs. I opened Align Home Care (formerly the Home Care Assistance franchise) in 2017 with the mission to set a higher standard of excellence in home care for older adults which they so deserve. I fully embrace the importance of our holistic and balanced approach to care. We ensure that our clients not only have their immediate needs cared for but include quality of life activities to each care shift in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and mental stimulation as well as spiritual wellbeing.

As the owner, I love overseeing my entire operation. We have a reputation of aligning with our clients needs as well as with essential community care partners we advocate, educate and collaborate with when it is necessary in the well being of our clients quality of life and well being. It is important to me to create a genuine culture of CARING and a care TEAM that desires the need to exceed client expectations. Most importantly we believe that communication is vital to our success between the client, family members and ALL care team members of Align Home Care. It is a thrill to see our live safely and comfortably in their favorite place called HOME.

I am a proud alumni of the University of Maine having received my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing. I have lived in Maine all of my life. I have held various jobs over the years in Sales /Marketing / Insurance and Real Estate that prepared and qualified for ownership of this company with a very important mission. I have had the privilege of being a part of a franchise organization for the first part of this journey which has enlightened me to the most up to date information in senior living / issues / resources etc. I enjoy time with my husband, Tony, my young adult son and three young adult step children. I enjoy many activities outdoors with family and friends as well as time with my church family.

I look forward to working with you

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Cheryle Pesce- Nielsen

Cheryle Nielsen Pesce
Employee Care Manager

Joining Align Home Care as the Employee Care Manager is a privilege and an honor for me. I am passionate about utilizing my 15+ years experience in the staffing industry to now recruit, hire, train and retain the best possible caregivers in the home care industry to work with our aging clients and their families to provide exceptional care as a family unit. I understand the importance of building and nurturing a team that is committed and truly believe in embracing a positive, well balanced approach to dignified aging and focus on all aspects of each individual’s mind, body and soul.

I have been in a position to care for my own aging parents over the past few years that helps me recognize the importance of trust and quality care. It quickly became apparent that Align Home Care has amazingly high standards and is truly the best in the industry.

I reside in Windham and enjoy spending my time with family and close friends which includes my boyfriend of 8 years, Sean, my son Brandon, his wife Jillian and their three amazing children Colby, Mia and Lucy, as well as my daughter Jenna, her boyfriend Thaniel, two grand puppies Nikki and Jake and my heroes, my parents, Diane and Arthur.


Lyndsey Arsenault
Marketing Intern

Growing up I watched both of my parents excel in the business world. I decided to follow in their footsteps and pursue a similar path studying Business in college. However, I have always been intrigued at how companies have a way of drawing consumers into their products and services. Therefore, I decided to double major in Marketing and Business Management.

When I joined the team at Align Home Care, I was intrigued and drawn to their mission of helping our elderly population age in the comfort of their own homes while applying a holistic approach to healthy and happy living. I am a very compassionate and driven person, and I couldn’t help but feel like this was the perfect opportunity to put myself out there.

Today I am fortunate to be part of a dynamic team of managers at Align Home Care, LLC. I started as a Marketing and Social Media Intern in the Spring of 2020. I continue to support the mission and efforts of a great company while I finish my senior year at the University of Maine in Orono. It is a privilege to be part of this world class organization while applying the principles that I have learned in the real world and providing a much needed service to our senior population.



I have spent a great deal of my adult life working as a CNA,CMA or Caregiver. From there, I became a Staffing Coordinator and Nurse Recruiter. After adopting my daughter I took several years off and started a dog rescue business. In 2020, I became a Caregiver for Align Home Care and fell in love with the company. Joining the administrative team is a very exciting time for me.

The position of Staffing Manager has fulfilled a long term goal of getting back into an administrative position in healthcare. In this position, my goal will always be to provide our caregivers and clients alike with successful and meaningful placements taking into consideration the skill level needed and personal attributes of both the client for a good solid match.I previously worked as a caregiver and a scheduler which allows me to have the insight needed to coordinate a schedule that brings peace of mind and successful results to everyone involved right from the start. I am so excited and looking forward to growing with my family at Align Home Care.

I grew up in Bel Air, MD and moved to TN in 1998. In 2012 we decided to relocate to NH because of our work with the dog rescue.. There we owned and operated a large quarantine facility that housed dogs for adoption. In 2016 my husband , daughter and I moved to Maine with our 7 dogs, two cats, 4 goats and two horses. We now happily reside in Bridgton, Maine.

Maggie Nason

Maggie Nason
Client Care Manager

It is a great pleasure to join Align Home Care as the Client Care Manager in the Kennebunk office. My career has been spent in the medical field in many different capacities. I got my C NA when I was 17 and always had the desire to help others live their best lives. In addition to home care, I have worked as a C NA in facilities, managed a busy doctor’s office, worked with the mentally disabled, home schooled my children, and worked as a dialysis technician at the hospital. All fields of work that involved helping others!

My most important focus has been caring for my two, now adults, children, Ray and Mary Ellen . My son, was born with Cerebral Palsy. I focused on all Ray could do and taught him that his disability was not to be viewed as a handicap! I home schooled and together I focused on helping them both, to be all that they can be.

Also, I am an only child and the care of my parents is my responsibility. It was important to me that they remain at home, staying as independent as possible and continue doing things they enjoy. Both of my parents require a great deal of care but with the help of an agency, like Align Home Care and my family, they have remained happily at home.

All of my past and present experience, I believe, has led me to my position as Client Care Manager. This position brings out my compassion for helping seniors live WELL at home in all aspects. I especially love to develop customized care plans with the input of the client and the clients family not only focusing on r basic needs but with balance to keep quality of life alive. Home Care is a true passion for me!

I grew up in Kennebunk, so it is great to be working in my own community. I currently reside in Wells with my signification other, John. John and I enjoy rides to the mountains, hikes, fishing, hunting and exploring all Maine has to offer and of course spend time with my two adult children.