About Our Staff

Sue Arsenault - Owner and Client Care Manager

Sue Arsenault – Owner and Client Care Manager

I have always had a genuine passion for people! I am especially grateful for the wisdom I have gained over the years from the elders in my life. They bring valuable insight and experience that they graciously pass down to the younger generations. To me, it is a privilege and blessing to serve them and their changing needs. I opened Align Home Care of Southern Maine with the intention to set a higher standard of excellence in home care for older adults which they so deserve. I fully embrace the importance of the exclusive Align Home Care exclusive Balanced Care™ model of care. We ensure that our clients not only have their immediate needs cared for, but include quality of life activities to each care shift in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and mental stimulation as well as spiritual wellbeing.

As the owner, I love overseeing my entire operation of Client Care Managers and Employee Care managers as well as our high caliber caregivers. It is important to me to create a genuine culture of CARING and a team that desires the need to exceed client expectations. Most importantly we believe that communication is vital to our success between the client, family members and ALL care team members of Align Home Care. It is a thrill to see our clients age safely and comfortably in their favorite place called HOME.

I am a proud alumni of the University of Maine having received my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing. I have lived in Maine all of my life. I have held various jobs over the years in Sales /Marketing / Insurance and Real Estate that prepared and qualified for ownership of this fantastic franchise. At Align Home Care I get to lean on the best of the best Franchise owners across the country for the most up to date information in senior living / issues / resources etc. I enjoy time with my husband, Tony, my young adult son and three young adult step children. I enjoy many activities outdoors with family and friends as well as time with my church family.
I look forward to working with you!

Merril - Client Care Manager

Merril Abramson – DD.Ay, MA., BA., BSN, RN – Client Care & Community Outreach Manager

I come to Align Home Care with great passion for helping aging individuals to live their BEST life in the place they call HOME. My background is in Holistic Nursing has been centered on creating healthy daily routines for those with chronic illness, which include; whole foods nutrition, physical exercise, dance, music, community and family connections, aromatherapy, creativity, nature, spirituality, relaxation and purpose. I believe that every individual has a right to have joy, peace and fun as they age in place. I am amazed by my 91 1/2 year old mother, who lives with me and my two son’s independently who cooks vegetarian meals daily.

As a Registered Nurse, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Aromatherapist, I love to teach, coach and guide patients, families and caregivers to give their best self with their time with those in need of assistance. I find great joy in listening and understanding what is most important to clients and family alike. I look forward to placing the perfect caregiver to care for your loved one.

My happy places are with my children, in nature and gardens as well as enjoying music, dance and sushi.

Merril - Client Care Manager

Cheryle Pesce- Nielsen – Employee Care Manager

Joining Align Home Care as the Employee Care Manager is a privilege and an honor for me. I am passionate about utilizing my 15+ years experience in the staffing industry to now recruit, hire, train and retain the best possible caregivers in the home care industry to work with our aging clients and their families to provide exceptional care as a family unit. I understand the importance of building and nurturing a team that is committed and truly believes in the Balanced Care Method of embracing a positive, well balanced approach to dignified aging and focus on all aspects of each individual’s mind, body and soul.

I have been in a position to care for my own aging parents over the past few years that helps me recognize the importance of trust and quality care. It quickly became apparent that Align Home Care has amazingly high standards and is truly the best in the industry.

I reside in Windham and enjoy spending my time with family and close friends which includes my boyfriend of 8 years, Sean, my son Brandon, his wife Jillian and their three amazing children Colby, Mia and Lucy, as well as my daughter Jenna, her boyfriend Thaniel, two grand puppies Nikki and Jake and my heroes, my parents, Diane and Arthur.